Two reports are better than one

Accessibility can be daunting. But we have a solution. Well, two.


We know that accessibility is difficult to measure and track. We know that it’s difficult to understand the impact and priority of issues. And we know that not all issues translate easily into business cases.

We created the "Summary report" to give you a quick, measurable overview of your website in plain English.

  • Expert review of fundamental checks
  • Benchmarkable score
  • Covers WCAG and common accessibility best practices
  • Summary of issues from over 100 tests
  • No technical jargon
  • Desktop, mobile and print friendly
  • Combine with "Action report" to help developers find and fix issues


We know that the WCAG guidance can be hard to interpret and even harder to explain to others. And we know it can feel like you're constantly firefighting compliance requests.

We created the "Action report" to give you details about specific issues, why they matter and how they can be fixed.

  • Covers WCAG and common accessibility best practices
  • Prioritised list of issues from over 100 tests
  • Developer-level detail for finding and fixing issues
  • Re-run to check your fixes
  • Shareable with team mates
  • Combine with "Summary report" to help communication with stakeholders

Same data, different information

Take a look inside each report.

Summary report


A score, based on the results of the audit, to enable you to benchmark your site and measure improvements over time.

Key findings

A summary of our expert review, written in plain English, to help you identify quick wins that will have the highest impact.

Test results

A summary of issues, arrising from the tests, to give you an idea of the impact on users and what disabilities will be affected.


A brief overview of your responsibilities, along with the number of failed tests that are blocking WCAG compliance.

Next steps

Suggestions on what to do next.

Action report

Prioritised issues

A prioritised list to help you easily locate high impact and reocurring issues.

Issue description

A friendly description for each issue to help you understand what the problem is.

Issue location

Specific DOM information for each issue, including the CSS selector and an HTML snippet, to help you locate the problematic code.

Action steps

A list of suggested ways to fix each issue, with additional resources explaining how to and why it matters.

Related WCAG criteria

A link to the related WCAG criteria for each issue to help track compliance.

Light-weight & repeatable

But don't be fooled — this is an endurance race!

In order to reach website accessibility compliance in a sustainable way, accessibility must be integrated into your design and development processes. Testing early and often is the best way to catch issues and act on them before they become more widely spread or harder to change.

Since it's impractical to test everything manually and it's not possible to catch all issues with automated testing, we must use a combination of both!

These reports are powered by over 100 automated tests that look for common accessibility issues on your pages. On top of that, the "Summary report" includes an expert review that we carry out manually, looking at a number of fundamental checks that cannot be automated.

By reporting regularly, you will save time and money, improve learning opportunities and keep everyone motivated and informed.

But what about more comprehensive testing?

Good question! These reports are designed to be the first "layer" in your accessibility testing strategy. If you're interested in more comprehensive accessibility audits that can look at the content within specific journeys or features of your site, please contact us for a quote.

Always up-to-date

We've got you covered.

We're constantly working to improve and update our reports, so you can be sure your site is being tested against the latest standards. That's one less thing to worry about.

Let's get reporting

Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing.

Action report Beta

Free During beta program
  • Prioritised list of issues with developer action steps
  • Covers over 100 WCAG and common accessibility best practice tests

Summary report

£750 Up to 5 pages
  • Expert review of fundamental checks
  • Benchmarkable score
  • Covers over 100 WCAG and common accessibility best practice tests
  • Includes "Action report"
  • £75 per additional page

Comprehensive report

Custom From £3000
  • Comprehensive expert review
  • Evaluation of specific features and journeys
  • Includes "Summary report"

We are able to tailor our comprehensive reports for you, so please get in touch to discuss your needs.

All prices exclude UK VAT at 20%

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