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Howdy 👋

We're so happy you've decided to look into improving the accessibility of your website. It can be a daunting task, but we're here to help. We're a small team on a mission to make accessibility reporting quicker and easier for everyone and we're glad you're joining us.

Getting started

Here are a few things you can do to get started.

  1. Explore this report
    This is primarily a technical report, with results from over 100 automated tests. Issues are grouped by impact and ordered based on the number of pages they appear on to help you prioritise. We recommend you start with the most critical issues and work your way down from there. As you click through, you'll be able to dig deeper into each issue to understand what needs to be fixed and where the issues are occurring.
  2. Say hello
    We'd love to hear from you — whether you have a question, need some help and advice or want to give us some feedback. We're not just a report machine, we're real people who want to help. Drop us a message and say hi!
  3. Look at our other reports
    We're not going to pretend that automated tests will solve all of your accessibility problems. There are plenty of other things that can only be tested manually that we can help you with. We can also provide less technical summaries and scores to help management understand and track improvements to accessibility. Take a look!

What has been tested?

Over 100 automated tests have been run across 142 pages at alphagov.github.io